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Having Millinery as part of our family tradition, I was keen to learn the trade of my grandma Eva, a highly skilled, sought after and trained milliner. So since the age of 16, I have been taught by her, soaking up her valuable talent & skill. Years of practise and a keen eye on the fashion trends has helped me develop my skills over the years. 

I have also participated in many additional tutorials and seminars with some of the UK and Australia's best milliners to learn the latest millinery techniques. 

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My name is Amy Zischke, a third generation member of a family of Milliners.  I am based in the Lockyer Valley, South East Queensland, Australia.

I have a passion for using millinery as an outlet for my creativity.  I am always keen to spend the day socializing at the races, admiring the fashion and I love to see my hats and fascinators finish off a fantastic outfit.  I have built a base of amazing customers who I am so grateful for.  Thanks for your support!

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